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Who are we and why buy from GCCY?

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Gerry and welcome to my company GCCY (GERRYS COMPUTERS CYPRUS). I hope that the "About Us" page will give you some insight as to who we are.

For a long time, looked for an answer to the question, "why are desktop computers so expensive in Cyprus"? Well after endless research it turns out that there is not really a good reason to this at all. It would simply appear to be a lack of willingness and competition within companies in Cyprus to provide desktop computers at competitive prices. 

So, "Are desktop computers in Cyprus really that expensive"? Well yes actually when you look at other markets in the E.U. they are anywhere from 10 to 20% more expensive and in some cases even more. Also when you looking at prices within Cyprus there are significant variations from company to company. Here at GCCY we try NOT to work like that!

GCCY is a new company that has learnt from the mistakes already made by our competitors here in Cyprus. The aim of GCCY is to provide a service that offers customer 100% satisfaction. We provide parts and servicing and build computers at an affordable price with excellent value for money. 

Here at GCCY, we do not offer "off the shelf" computers as each one is individually designed around the customers own requirements. Even our specific examples are all built individually for each customer and to their specifications.

 On completion each new PC is provided to the customer with:

1/ An operating system 

2/ At least one free of charge game

3/ Antivirus software

4/ Back-up software

5/ Any other software clients may require, installed at cost

6/ and of course excellent communication between GCCY and the customer

We offer all kinds different parts and builds and will give a 100% guaranteed quote. How can we do this? We are able to use a major German Company to provide all of our parts and supplies at reasonable rates, we only build desktops and not laptops, which in turn makes our business more focused and streamlined, we do not have huge profit margins or the overheads of a retail outlet, as our business is online only. 

GCCY specialise in the production of all types of desktops and gaming computers. We interact with the clients individual requirements and can then custom build the perfect PC for them. We are happy to overclock for our clients, FREE of charge if required and if the system allows. Here at GCCY, we are dedicated to providing computer and gaming enthusiasts the most cutting-edge parts and technology the computer gaming industry has to offer. Our products and services allow customers to completely tailor any type of PC system to meet their unique wants and needs. 

We provide all types of Cooling systems, Gaming, Modding, Overclocking, and Hardware upgrades. We offer the most reputable brands on the market and believe in offering customers value for money and excellent customer satisfaction, which is why we offer top quality products and services that are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

GCCY build high quality, low price computers, we do not build "cheap" computers


Are you looking for a bespoke computer built to YOUR specifications rather than the usual "off the shelf" models available in Cyprus? 

Are you looking for a computer at a price that suits your budget without the constraints of an off the shelf model? 

Are you looking for a reasonably priced Desktop PC?


Would you like FREE advice prior to any purchase and a guaranteed price for your NEW custom desktop once your order is placed? 

If the answer to any of these questions are yes, then contact us below with your requirements and we will respond to your enquiry within 24hrs.

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High-Quality Computer Design


We take the time to discuss with you the requirements you have for both business and personal use. We provide a very individual and bespoke service for desktop computers which takes into account our customers budget in order provide you with the best possible system at an extremely competitive price. Please contact us to find out more about us and who we are

Excellent Customer Service


Customers that know about us and who we are and that we provide the best customer sales and after sales service possible. Rest assured at GCCY we are always there to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their new desktop computer and peripherals

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


. If you know GCCY you know who we are and all about us. We take pride in our ongoing and after sales service on all our desktop computers. We insist on excellent quality and expert design in all of our PCs and the parts and peripherals we provide. If you are not happy we are not happy, so please tell us and we will rectify any issue quickly and effectively

for PC builds

Here you will find a form for all Computer Sales, Computer Building and Desktop Computer requirements that will help you with the choices you may need to make for the computer parts for your brand new PC. We hope the form will be of assistance and it can be downloaded directly below. The document  is in "word" format, which means that you can complete it without printing and send it back by email. You are also welcome to use the form for general enquiries. Find out more about us and who we are on the "About Us" page

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Your enquiry will be dealt with and you will be contacted within 24hrs

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Looking for something special?

If you cannot see a build or find a specific part for your Desktop Computer and would like a quick response, please contact us at customer services you will find out more about us and who we are on this page

GC CY Cyprus Computer Design

Limassol, Cyprus

Avalable at most times

 GC CY building high quality low cost machines, not “cheap” machines.